How To Teach Yourself Guitar

Have you thought of buying the guitar and teaching it to yourself or you just bought a guitar and teaching yourself online. There are many beginners who learn online and some also have made to professional level. But if learning guitar is so easy then why not everyone learns it? Personal interest matters but there are many who give up after spending money on a guitar.

But I know, you are not like that. You have a strong mind and can motivate yourself for learning. I know that you can take out one hour from your busy schedule to learn guitar. You don’t mind the pain that it will cause in your hand.

I am also never hired a teacher but was lucky as my friend was their to teach me the basics. But many people don’t get the opportunity of learning from friends. My advise will be, if possible try to find out people around your locality or work place who are into music and can play guitar. However, it also helps to stay connected with other instruments players also.

That being said, one of the main source for beginners to learn is YouTube. You search for “beginner guitar lesson” and you get tons of lessons but it is a bit confusing. What you want to do is systemise your learning. You don’t want random pieces of lessons to start working on.

So here I am writing about a list through which you can proceed on your journey

1. First 3 days

As you buy a new guitar you will be desperate to rush things up but that is completely wrong. The correct way is taking it slow. You must push it hard in your mind that learning guitar takes time and rushing makes you develop bad habits. And it is totally normal to absolutely suck at guitar playing. You can search for fingering exercises on the net and play scales up and down. You can also try this fingering exercise. (don’t worry about the technical definition of scale at this point, you learn it eventually). Stick to these exercises for 20 minutes per day (of course, you don’t have to play continuously. Learn about the notes and tuning.

2. 3rd day onward

After three days, you can include chords in your practice sessions. The basic chords t o start with are the open chords. You can learn three or four chords at a time. The open chords to learn are – E minor, E major, A minor , A major, D major, D minor, G major and C major. These are the basic chords you need to learn. Do four strums holding one chord and try transition to the next chord, then again do four strums. You can try changing in groups like  Amaj – Dmaj – Emaj, Gmaj – Cmaj- Dmaj, Dmaj – Gmaj – Emaj. Amin – Cmaj – Gmaj – Dmaj. Practise slowly.

3. Third week

By this time you should be able to do the fingering exercises at a pretty decent speed but you can develop speed at your own pace also, no problem. Now you can learn some tabs of some easy songs like Harry Potter Theme. You can also try playing your favourite songs. Learn two or three strumming patterns to play along your chord transitions. Also practise the fingering exercise daily.

4. 2 months

Two months a is great amount of time. By this time your chord transition should be smooth. You can attain the result sooner or later also, it does not matters. If you are happy with your strumming, you can learn your favourite songs. Beware, you won’t be able to sing  this early. This is a lot of work for the brain to focus on both the left hand and right hand while trying to sing. Still your playing will suck. Two months is too early to sound like a pro.

5. 3 or 4 months

By this time you should have learnt 6 to 7 strumming patterns and fluid with your chord transitions and would be able to play tabs of easy songs. You could impress your friends now. So now you will start to learn barre chords. Again barre chords will leave you feeling like a total bum. Don’t worry, give yourself two months. Practise playing lead guitar. Search for tabs of your favourite songs, watch tutorials.

6. 6 months

So now you have the barre chords, you know your strumming patterns and can play lead guitar. So now, you can cover thousands of songs. Try to sing while playing, it will be a new skill to acquire. You will want to practice with a metronome.

7. 7 months

You can try percussive rhythms also. It’s way cool. It’s like playing with an percussion player along side you. You can generate your own beats. Click here for an example and if really wanna see how cool it can become click here.

Now you have become campfire guitar player. You can take your guitar out with your friends on trips.

However, I have assumed that you practise daily for 1 hour. It can take 8 months also to reach that level, so just relax and keep practising. And please never ever ever compare yourself with anyone. It is not a matter of skill. It’s about how much time you can give to guitar practise.

From 2nd month onward you can try learning theory also, like what are scales, root note and other stuff. Just a little bit, day by day.

After 7 months or earlier, you can learn fingerstyle guitar also. There are lots of free lessons on YouTube. You can try you hand at flamenco also. Who know if someday you will master jazz and blues also. And the journey continues.

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